Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole has two goals: (1) Making the content of basic Wholeness Prayer trainings available to followers of Christ who have not attended a workshop, and to those who have attended a workshop and want to review the basic principles; (2) Going broader and deeper than the material presented in basic Wholeness Prayer workshops – giving further applications, additional biblical basis and representative examples, and multiple testimonies.

Becoming Whole: The Power of Wholeness Prayer by Jean Coles can be downloaded from this website in the following  formats: PDF (A4 for laptop computers), PDF (A6 for mobile devices), MOBI (KIndle) and EPUB.

Becoming Whole is also available through Amazon in Print and Kindle versions.

A course outline for Becoming Whole can be downloaded from this website in the following formats: PDF (A4 for laptop computers) and PDF (A6 for mobile devices).